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Sports Injury Bulletin brings together a worldwide panel of experts – including physiotherapists, doctors, researchers and sports scientists. Together we deliver you everything you need to help your clients avoid – or recover as quickly as possible from – injuries.

We strip away the scientific jargon and deliver you easy-to-follow training exercises, nutrition tips, psychological strategies and recovery programmes and exercises in plain English.

This is the kind of high-level support that’s usually the preserve of international athletes, well-paid clubs and associations. If you’re serious about improving fitness, strength and performance, this is your one-stop shop.


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For runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes, Peak Performance digital magazine presents cutting-edge, evidence-based research and breaks it down into easy-to-read advice to help you achieve your potential.  

Our editor and contributors are highly qualified and passionate about their subject areas.  Their researched and factual articles are based on the latest in sports science and cover all elements of perfecting your performance, from nutrition, training & conditioning and injury prevention to kit, supplements and goal setting.