11 February 2014 – Green Star Media internship program

Green Star Media has taken on two paid marketing interns in January – and plans to recruit another two in March – as the company expands its online publishing portfolio.

The digital media company, publishers of coaching information in the soccer, basketball and rugby fields, have bucked the trend for media companies to exploit free labour.

Green Star’s MD Andrew Griffiths explains why he’s against unpaid interns.

“With the “foot-in-the-door” notoriously difficult to come by, the internship has always been viewed as vital experience for job-seekers who want to work in media. There are a lot of companies who are happy to exploit young people who want to get their foot on the ladder,” said Andrew Griffiths, MD of Green Star Media.

“But if interns are to benefit they have to do a real job. Something that is going to add value to the business. If that’s the case, then they should get paid for their work.”

“There’s no point someone just hanging around the office making tea. The best thing to do is give them a great project to work on, something that complements the business plan and gives them a sense of ownership and achievement.”

Guildford-based Green Star Media offers highly sought-after internships and one that appeals greatly to local University of Surrey graduates. The first two paid interns are each getting £125 a week.

As Griffiths explains, “We’re paying our interns and we’re teaching them how to get traffic online, convert it to customers and make them profitable. That’s the basis of a good online company and something that our interns will be able to use whatever direction they go in.”