EasiCoach Soccer For Mini U7-U8

New to coaching? Not sure what to coach, or even how to coach? Help is at hand, even for all “non-soccer” volunteers with EasiCoach Soccer for Mini U7-U8.

This manual is ready-made, age-appropriate, with safe training activities for U7s and U8s, set out clearly on a single sheet, that even a child could understand.

EasiCoach coaching activities will help you to:

  • Quickly understand what it is you’re trying to achieve.
  • See what you need to do from just a few words and pictures.
  • Grasp the key dos and don’ts at a glance.
  • Check you have all the equipment you need (never more than the basics).
  • Cater for more or fewer players at your session.
  • Speak to your players with confidence

Follow all the materials in the manual, and your players will be learning the right skills for the right age group, every season.

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