David Clarke’s Soccer Formations Made Simple

Soccer Formations Made Simple does exactly what it says in the title. Explain soccer formations in simple terms.

This new manual will help readers understand the ideas behind different formations, and the strengths and weaknesses of each formation.

The formations are split into 6 groups for all age groups:

  1. 4v4 and 5v5: Used by U7-U8s in the UK (5v5), or U6-U8s in the USA (4v4 without a goalkeeper).
  2. 6v6: Currently used by U10s in the USA, although this format is having a renaissance amongst adults in the UK.
  3. 7v7: Used by U9-10s in the UK. From August 2017, U9s and U10s in the USA will play this format.
  4. 8v8: Currently used by U12s in the USA.
  5. 9v9: Used by U11-12s in the UK. From August 2017, U11s and U12s in the USA will play this format.
  6. 11v11: Used by U13s and above.

With Soccer Formations Made Simple you are making an investment in your own knowledge that you can then pass on to your players – you’re then giving them the best chance of success in each match they play.

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